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The reappearance of the shimmering cloud-like Charlotte dress is part of our ninth Encore collection, using the last of the flower embossed light pink fabric to remake a beloved style into a collectable garment. The silhouette was originally presented for AW18, surrounded by sculptures from the legendary Dan Graham- both the setting and collection coming alive through their interaction with people.


The Ella dress in Dunes Matelasse is a memento from the PS20 collection. The texture of the billowing dress creates a wavy and winding aesthetic reminiscent of the traces left by perpetual winds on sandy dunes.


The iconic and beloved silhouette is brought back to life from the Spring Summer collection in the form of the pleated organza Bellis dress.  “With my dresses I’m looking at ways of concealing and revealing a woman’s body, wrapping and enveloping, looking at sensuality and femininity, finding new ways. For the collection I wanted that same feeling of abundance you get in the Christo and Jeanne-Claude installations. We piled yards and yards of fabric into bundles of ruffles and pleats so that surfaces suddenly blossom into enormous volume.” – Cecilie Bahnsen


“None of the Christo and Jeanne-Claude sculptures are permanent structures. It’s all temporary. I find that so moving, the ephemerality, the vulnerability, the purity of it. With my dresses I have a bit of a romantic notion of them looking like the beautiful ghost of a garment. And this is my most romantic collection yet, I think, which is really saying something. But I felt a pull towards a little leaner, longer line. I also wanted to try tailoring, to see how we could make sense of it in our universe.”  – Cecilie Bahnsen, a reference to the SS20 Collection


The Pauline top is a reference from the PS19 campaign, a dreamy sun-drenched afternoon, capturing the freedom of metaphorical youth. The naivety of carefree and ease at the surface, being met with small encounters of something sinister lurking across the pond.


Without irony or pretence, the SS19 collection was about garments carrying the story of century old craftsmanship and the techniques passed on in small family businesses, where the love and traditional know how is sewn into every stitch. This storyline re-emerges in the form of the Rue for the ninth Encore collection, a memory of the mixed white palette and sweet blue and green embroidery.