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Encore 08


The Dunes Matelasse fabric is an explorative study in traditional techniques finding a harmonious balance with the eponymous modern and minimal look. A slightly shimmery finish in pure black.

An organic weaving technique produces a wavy and winding aesthetic, reminiscent of the traces left by perpetual winds on sandy dunes.

Enough fabric is available for five made-to-order pieces.


These ethereal couture pieces crafted in ribbon grid faille encapsulate the spirit of the collection, the beauty shaped out of new beginnings and resilience.

Upcycled from past seasons, this elevated technique consists of embroidering ribbon-like lines of fabric to create a motif, each garment crafted following Cecilie´s drawings, fashioning these out-of-a-dream pieces.

Enough fabric is available for three made-to-order garments.


For our eighth Encore collection we return to the Nicolai Wallner Gallery. A continuation of past seasons, being brave enough to repeat ourselves.

Drawing parallels to the art world and reflecting on our first visit to the gallery that inspired the evolution of the Cecilie Bahnsen colour palette. A space that brought a commonality to the idea that both art and garments will only come alive with human interaction.