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This technical textured fabric is composed of a sheer base, embroidered with 3D lazer cut flowers. The floral embroidery is placed following a grid shape, creating a graphic and almost abstract look. Voluminous, lavish yet airy and elegant.


The European produced silk organza is a high-quality material, mostly used in the elaboration of luxurious garments and wedding dresses. Its refinement and glazed texture makes it very challenging during confection, requiring expert, patient and meticulous tailoring hands.

Like our Beaded organdie, a beaded floral motif has been cautiously hand-sewn into the base fabric, creating this romantic and delicate cloth.


At the base, a rich, crisp and see-through white cotton organdie coming from Switzerland. Light yet stiff, the organdie construction allows the fabric to beautifully hold volumes and shapes – making it very popular in the last centuries traditional haute-couture, but now almost forgotten.

Delicately hand-sewn on this somehow unpolished and rough cloth, a rainfall of flower-shaped embroideries made out of beads.




Following a jacquard technique alternating see-through and solid yarn,  the Structured Grid fabric is a sheer and light fabric. Thanks to a tight weave and the use of stiff yarn, this quality has a paper-like hand-feel, a look and effect very dearto Cecilie Bahnsen.



Signature technique, the quilted and embroidered cotton is applied to a new category for Cecilie Bahnsen : home décor and bedding. Hems are delicately embroidered with a floral motif, while the product’s bodice display a classic diamond shape, following this technique’s ancient tradition.

Staple of our universe, the quilted cotton can be found in many collections, emphasizing on its timelessness and the quality of its craftsmanship.