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Encore 2


Another beloved and iconic manipulation, the quilt technique is an embroidery applied to different layers of fabric and wadding. The difference of pressure between the embroidery and the free layers create impressions and flowy shapes at the surface of the fabric, giving it its lush and puffy look. The upper and lower fabric layers here are silk qualities, embroidered by hand following a floral motif. Feminine and luxurious. Our Hand-quilted silk was introduced for our Pre-spring 20.


A light and cheer blend serves as a base for a contrasted all-over floral pattern. Supple, airy and smooth, ideal for warmer days. The floral pattern, even though looking like an embroidery, is produced by a fil-coupé technique: a jacquard where floating yarn is cut out from the back of the fabric. The cutting process, more or less close to the base, then leaves an excess of thread on top of the fabric base, creating a soft and tri-dimensional fringe. This technique is a delicate process, requiring many manipulations and an expert and meticulous hand. Our Floral-fil-coupé was first introduced in Pre-Spring 19.


A light yet structural quality, summery and elegant. A balanced blend of linen and silk gives this fabric its rich texture and hold, creating the voluminous and delicate looks Cecilie Bahnsen is known for. Its abstract and wave-like indentations are created by a jacquard technique, where the yarn tension alternates and morphs into a systematic pattern. Our Linen Plissé was introduced for our Pre-spring 20.




Fabric manipulations are part of Cecilie´s silhouettes, smock being one of her all time favourites. The smock is an embroidery technique, that consists in gathering fabric following a pattern, and stitch it in place with an elastic thread. Beyond its appealing tri dimensional look, its richness and its playfulness, the smock technique is an ideal way to shine a new light on a fabric, and change its appearance. Here, a silk base organza has been smocked following a square shapes pattern, for a symmetrical and lush aspect.