CB x Mackintosh

“When we met the team behind Cecilie Bahnsen in our Paris Showroom last year, Cecilie was very keen to explore the process of creating new transparencies, layering techniques, ways of working with our unique fabric technology, and our artisan approach to tailored weather protection. We felt her beautiful demenine esoteric style was the perfect antidote to the more masculine regimental silhouette of our traditional garments. Together we agreed Mackintosh’s master craftspeople in our factory would work with the Cecilie Bahnsen design team to create a collection we are both very proud of.”

Andrea Austoni, Global Commercial Director, Mackintosh.

“I’m Danish and I've lived in London, so I know all about rainy days. I discovered Mackintosh when I was a student in London; they invented the “Mac”.

When we went to meet them what really struck me was the craftsmanship, the coats are all made by hand in their factory in Scotland. I appreciate the focus on detail, down to the rubber glue that makes the seams waterproof. With my Mackintosh coats it was simple, I wanted to make a coat to protect my dresses, a raincoat for the rainy days for the woman that wears us. I wanted to take the traditional men’s Mackintosh silhouette, with its utility and the masculine tailoring, and bring it to my universe.”

Cecilie Bahnsen