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“Our Encore collections are incredibly dear to me. They are a real passion project andone that allows my team and I to reflect and celebrate past seasons - both fabrics andfavourite silhouettes. There is so much storytelling in each piece and so much precioustime and creativity that goes into bringing the final collection together. The Patchworkcollection is one of my favourites as each piece is so rare, we’ve made so few of them,which makes them very special. Encore speaks to so many of our values as a company- thinking and creating responsibly”

- Cecilie Bahnsen, Founder and Creative Director

Discover The Patchwork Collection

Night Wandering FW22

Introducing the Beaded Bags Capsule

A limited capsule composed of eleven one of a kind Cecilie Bahnsen bags where hand beaded couture like details transform signature bags into one of a kind creations.Delicately hand stitched in our Copenhagen studio, each piece offers a distinct design perspective making for the perfect gift this season.

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