Made to order

Using leftover fabrics pulled from Cecilie Bahnsen's archives, we offer a limited number of pieces on a made-to-order basis. Our fabrics are incredibly precious, so we keep each and every leftover scrap allowing us to re-interpret our beautiful materials over time. This collection is another step towards integrity and consciousness at Cecilie Bahnsen.

Available to order while fabrics lasts.

“Our fabrics are so precious, they need to be used. We have never thrown anything away. We have it all here in the studio in Copenhagen, every last scrap. It gives the fabric a second life and means that we never have to send anything to landfill. Because our collections are entirely handmade, the seamstresses work non-stop at busy times. We’re trying bit by bit to change how we work, to make it more balanced and real.”

- Cecilie Bahnsen