Cecilie Bahnsen at the Brodie Sessions Home

Cecilie Bahnsen in the Brodie Sessions Home

Cecilie Bahnsen comes together with Brodie Sessions to host an evening celebrating creativity and craftsmanship in the form of an intimate concert held in the Brodie Sessions home, with live performance by French singer-songwriter Suki

Building upon feelings of experimentation and emotion brought to life at Cecilie Bahnsen’s FW23 runway show, the concert mirrored the intimacy of a couture runway show, where guests play an integral role in the experience, close to the singer, dresses brushing against one another, the evening rich in colour, texture and sound. 

“Following the FW23 show in Paris, I still remember the goosebumps and rush of emotions I felt when I first heard Suki’s voice and music live. It was like poetry. Personal, intimate and beautiful. I wanted to re-create this feeling in Copenhagen, merging it with our ethos of everyday couture, how we wear and live in the collection.” -Cecilie Bahnsen 

”I went to a Brodie Session earlier this year and instantly connected with the concept and the house, the way Birgit and her family invite people into their home, recording the music live. No re-takes or editing, just capturing a moment in time and documenting the process. The love that went into creating this performance echoed the mood and atmosphere that I felt behind the scenes at our FW23 show in Paris and inspired me to create this moment for Copenhagen Fashion Week.” 

Guests donned in Cecilie Bahnsen’s FW23 collection, with a feeling of ethereal lightness emerging throughout the home as dresses are beautifully reflected against the early evening light and the sound of rain softly falling.