“The image we are projecting at the show is a landscape Martina Hoogland-Ivanow took in the north of Russia that I find completely mesmerising. It transports me to an emotional and eerie faraway place. One that is both mysterious and dreamy. I think you could say that Fall/Winter is my ‘Martina Collection’.“A year or so ago, I picked up a book of hers, then remembered seeing her fashion work in Dazed and Another Magazine years ago; I connected the dots backwards. In a sense, I discovered her before I discovered her. I had images by Martina on my moodboard without even knowing her name, and the more I connected with her images I realized these were the same images I cut out and admired as a young design student.“

With Fall/Winter 2020 I was thinking a lot about her landscapes. Her aesthetic of earthiness mixed with a dreaminess crept in. You see it in the colours: the browns and ivory, the sky-coloured blue, a Nordic rawness. And there’s also a flash of silver metallic... a little flicker of sci-fi. You can feel the mixed emotions of her images in the juxtaposition of touch. I found myself working more with layering and knitwear, combining different fabrics together to create single look.“ This season we worked intentionally to melt femininity and masculinity in the tailoring and outerwear. So it felt like the perfect match to collaborate with the Scottish brand Mackintosh. Like us, they make everything by hand with total love and care.”