Head of Marketing & PR

Cecilie Bahnsen is looking for a Head of Marketing & PR to lead our Marketing and PR team in Copenhagen. 

The Head of Marketing & PR is a new established key position within the company and one of vital importance in terms of building brand perception, long-term focus in activities to build brand equity and securing return on brand investments making CECILIE BAHNSEN’S ambitions possible.

The Head of Marketing & PR is responsible for leading PR, Marketing and SoMe globally. CECILIE BAHNSEN is on a mission to grow its DTC business through investments in ceciliebahnsen.com and global brand moments including 2 shows in Paris, pop ups and brand events. The Head of Marketing & PR will become the 360-communication lead connecting all channel activities and brand moments with the consumer mindset to drive brand equity & awareness globally.

Developing and implementing PR & Marketing strategy with both short- and long-term focus is key, and in this balance, you will secure full alignment with the brand vision, seasonal messages, and values across all touch points. In a world where content is king you bring forward all annual and seasonal content needs from Creative Director, E-Commerce, and Wholesale to ensure a 360-degree coverage that cater the consumer needs.

As Head of Marketing & PR, you will report directly to the Managing Director and be part of the leadership team. Your most important peers are the Creative Director, Head of eCommerce and Head of Sales – and their respective functional teams.

Your key Accountabilities

  • Lead tone of voice
  • Collaborate with the key departments to identify new opportunities and perception gaps to tackle with brand projects and to drive brand equity & awareness globally. Secure global brand moments that can elevate perception and bring the CB customer closer to the product and DNA of CB
  • Drive the development, ideation and strategic thinking of best-in-class marketing solutions and creative concepts in terms of brand collaborations, promotions, and seasonal campaigns
  • Lead Paris shows and communications
  • Liaise closely with Ecommerce regarding loyalty program
  • Analyze and evaluate the results and implement key learnings accordingly
  • Manage budgets and costs
  • Lead Communication partners and Creative agency
  • Own and lead all communication across our digital platforms
  • Present in board meetings when relevant
  • Constructively and proactively contribute to the positive development of the marketing team – inform, collaborate, and utilize the capabilities of the full team.

You will be expected to deliver on agreed targets – and secure ownership with rest of the leadership team when needed. Your KPI’s sit on:

  • ROI
  • Maintain and deliver on the targeted projects and brand moments
  • Secure full integrity with Managing Director and with leadership team
  • Consumer centric mindset to meet the DTC success criteria
  • Work proactively to continuously develop your own skills and that of the marketing team

The person

The right person for this job holds a relevant Business degree, is professionally fluent in written and spoken English – but equally important has the documented strong business acumen and marketing experience on senior level. You have 5-7 years proven track record in marketing, brand management and campaign planning – preferable 2-3 of these from the apparel luxury goods industry.

You are digitally savvy with 70 % of CECILIE BAHNSEN’s distribution being digital already – and you can work efficiently in a virtual and digitalized reality. You bring aesthetic understanding and excellent sense of luxury shopping behavior, and you can analyze and understand the mind of our consumer.

You are used to add structure to chaos – as it sometimes is in growth environments – and remain clear and focused on your communication both internal as well as external.

Desired Behaviors

  • A natural self-starter, confident in communication, responsive and a competent negotiator
  • Innovative and creative mindset
  • Positive and optimistic – demonstrates a positive and team orientated approach to solving challenges
  • Tenacity and discipline – ability to execute and deliver on agreed objectives
  • Strong relationship builder – develops and nurture good relations to partners and co-workers
  • Dares to lead – finds it easy to take the initiative

Desired Mindset

  • Emotional intelligence. Asks quality questions – demonstrates curiosity, listens actively, and can take in consumer input to help develop business as well as people
  • Passion. Passionate about the products and services we sell. Ability to let enthusiasm shine through in every conversation!
  • Enthusiasm. Stays positive - even during the most difficult times!
  • Flexibility. Is receptive, responsive, and ready to adapt when required!
  • Hard working. Does not wait for business to come by itself … goes after it!
  • Ambitious. Defines specific stretched goals, achievable yet challenging, relevant to yourself and FG!
  • Commitment. In it for the long run – it is about more than just closing the deal!
  • Persistent. Does not give up and keeps at it. Looks for new solutions when relevant!
  • Accountable. Never blames others – takes the initiative!

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Please send your CV and cover letter to the external recruiterThomas Thorsen at tthorsen@people-integrated.com