Cecilie Bahnsen presents Pre-Spring 2024

Pre-Spring 2024 is an emotional collection that takes inspiration from Cecilie’s teenage years growing up in suburban Copenhagen. Titled “Going Nowhere,” the collection draws on the electric flashes of heightened emotion and connection that teenagers experience.

That moment of seeing the everyday world around you from a new perspective – transforming the seemingly ordinary in new and unexpected ways.

Discover Pre-Spring 2024 here

“When I design a collection, I don’t imagine just one woman wearing it. I like to think of many women expressing themselves in different ways through the pieces. I continue to find so much inspiration in the women whose uniqueness bring my clothes to life. They’re distinct personalities, the way they put it together with a sense of freedom, mixing hyper-feminine styles with an everyday sensibility - their enjoyment of life, of dressing up every single day.” - Cecilie Bahnsen