A Summer Style Story Captured in Copenhagen

Introducing a new photo series, continuing an ongoing connection with the art community in Copenhagen, documenting gallerists in their natural environment. Discussing all things art, design and fashion and a love for getting dressed. Styled in Cecilie Bahnsen’s SS23 collection.

“Cecilie Bahnsen’s has beautifully honed a signature aesthetic — specifically the dresses delicate but bold silhouette. I’m usually wearing all black so I appreciate architecturally constructed pieces for variation.”

Wearing the Dorina Dress in a vibrant tangerine perched on the steps outside her gallery, Maria muses “I’m interested in function as a hook between poetry and the user, how aesthetics affect us, and how ideas can translate into aesthetics.”



Maria documented at her Gallery, Etage Projects, where she reflects upon the relationship between fashion and art.

”I am drawn to Cecilie Bahnsen’s innovative approach to materials, the silhouettes, the colours and the quality. It is easy clothes to wear because of the thought that has gone into comfort, as I never forget the glory of comfort.”

For the second instalment of our photo series documenting gallerists in Copenhagen, we visit Anna Clarisse Holck Wæhrens, curator, textile designer and the Director at OUTPOST Gallery. Anna, wearing the SS23 Collection, talks to us about Copenhagen’s tight-knit art community and the inextricable connection between fashion and art.

Weaving in and out of Eighteen Gallery in Copenhagen’s Kødbyen district with a trail of billowing bows, Astrid reflects on the unique nature of Copenhagen’s art scene:

“Copenhagen is small, and I enjoy how tight knit our scene is. I am always positively surprised of how supportive it is, especially as a minority.”

“For me, Cecilie Bahnsen’s pieces are whimsical and almost fairy-tale like, while still being subtle, poetic and comfortable for use. I think each piece as a kind of narrative, something to get lost in: an escape and a flight of the imagination.” - Astrid