Preorder SS23 collection. To cherish and celebrate the day to day in. 

Bring the inspired moments from the show into your own day-to-day. An invitation to reserve pieces from the Spring Summer 2023 Collection, where looks are made-to-order through this limited opportunity. Place your order and pay for half of your purchase now and the remaining upon receiving in Winter 2023. 

Pre-order will be available from September 28th to October 11th on only. Prices are shown 50% off.

Explore the full collection here

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Book a Private Appointment in our Showroom during Paris Fashion Week

An invitation to unravel the story behind CecilieBahnsen's Spring Summer 2023 collection. An exclusive opportunity to become part of the brand universe as we present our new collection at Paris Fashion Week.

Book a Private Appointment in our showroom in Paris where our team will guide you through our pieces, straight off the runway. A chance to pre-order the looks from the show collection, available solely through this opportunity. To cherish and celebrate the day to day in. 

Book a private appointment here