For Fall/Winter 2021, there was no moodboard pinned up in Cecilie Bahnsen’s studio in Copenhagen. Instead her small team spent a month surrounded by the haute couture fabrics that have become synonymous with the label: quilted silks, floral fil-coupé, pleated organza and matelassé that falls on the body like the softest paper, light yet voluminous. Creating and developing new silhouettes and details on the stand.

The result is an intimate-feeling collection that also expands the lexicon of the brand. Cecilie continues to explore more form-fitting silhouettes, with belts and elaborate sashes reminiscent of the Japanese obi. New for this season Cecilie evolves her approach to layers. Whereas in the past she layered separates one over the other, with this collection the layers are merged into a single item of clothing. So, a soft black mohair jumper supports a voluminous dress in black fil coupé wool – embroidered with clusters of floral beads like flickering lights.. 

The City - FW21

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