Far from exhausted notions, Cecilie Bahnsen's approach to responsibility is a personal one, shaped by genuine beliefs and dreams. We commit to work towards this vision of a virtuous world, towards a model that is  true to us and to our promises, with the quiet and gentle fierceness that characterises us.


The durability and quality of traditional know-how. Bringing the intricate details of Couture into the every day. Carefully sourcing luxurious and qualitative raw materials. Manufacturing with the highest standards, by hand. The abiding beauty of craftsmanship. Unique bespoke fabrics designed and manufactured with care. Creating timeless garments, outside of trends, outside of landfill. Clothes to cherish, to keep, to share, to lend, to pass on – Collectability.


Mindful motions at every step of the way. Working towards a reduced waste model. Upcycling, because our fabrics are unique and precious and should never be thrown away. Thoughtful alternatives, recycled materials. Producing close to home, in Europe, with traceability and accountability; with inclusivity and respect.



Nursing and developing a network of people we partner with, yesterday and tomorrow. Celebrating women, and everyone who feels like it - benevolence and gentleness, throughout our clothes and our relationships, with our customers and within our teams – sisterhood. Creating for all body shapes, for different ideas of femininity.



A look into the Cecilie Bahnsen universe. A space to dream, the brand’s studio is spread across two floors filled with reflections of the brand’s inherent beauty. Scandinavian elements of minimalism merge with the romantic and lighthearted ethos held at the core of the brand. Cecilie Bahnsen’s home in Copenhagen, located in the creative Østerbro neighborhood. Designed in collaboration with Stamuli, MOON and Cecilie herself, the space holds memories from previous years, as it also holds a blank canvas for exciting projects to come.

Design Studio