Cecilie Bahnsen logo

The “Creative (wo)mans” tote merges with the Cecilie Bahnsen universe as part of the Tenth Encore collection. The bags come to form, in partnership with Japanese brand Chacoli, in limited quantities using leftover fabrics from past collaborations with the British Heritage brand Mackintosh, available in varying shapes to fit the varied creative endeavours of each wearer. A bag both functional and utilitarian in form but with the iconic romantic embellishments recognisable only as Cecilie Bahnsen.

The different sizes of the bags are tirelessly thought through, made to fit between the legs of the wearer on a crowded train, in your bike basket, or with a small handle to carry inspirational books borrowed from a friend.


The photo series shot by Japanese artist Fumiko Imano is directed with the senses, letting the colours, movement, and shapes of the garments set the scene and posture of the work. “I simply love Cecilie’s pieces because they are feminine but not too sweet. It´s more like armor. It´s more about strong yet feminine women.”

Fumiko and Cecilie´s creative practices intertwine as they both find therapy through creating with their hands. Fumiko´s process of using glue and scissors to bring her photographs together, “Something magical happens inside of the image.”